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There is a war going on
Can’t anyone see???
A battle between heart and mind
The war within me
At first I denied it
“Are you pregnant? When are you due?”
I refused to admit, even to myself
That what they were saying COULD be true
I forgot about what’s-his-name
That cold March night
How I let him come over
Just because I was tired of the fight
I told him ‘no’
“NO” he didn’t want to hear
Reluctantly I gave in
Not allowing him to smell my fear
How dumb was I
One night of unprotected sex
Now I’m battling with decisions
Choices in which are leaving me perplexed
My heart screams in JOY
While my mind is yelling FEAR
I don’t know what to do
So in solitude I release a single tear
My heart tells me it’s a BABY I can love
A BEAUTIFUL gift given
From the One above
But my mind says
It’d be SELFISH to keep it
‘You can’t fill the baby’s every need…”
This is true, I admit
But then my heart retaliates
Holding tight to love and joy
I suddenly find myself confused
Should I keep or abort this girl or boy?!?

I want any kids of mine
To have a mommy AND daddy
I want them to know WITHOUT A DOUBT
They are LOVED and always will be
I want them to learn to smile
Before they learn to frown
I want them to know that it’s Ok
If in life they ever fall down

Right now where I live
In the environment that I’m in
I tell no lies when I say
That raising a child here would be a sin
I never thought I would be in this fight
Asking myself if I’m willing to take a life
But what kind of life would this baby truly live
If he or she were to  be surrounded by strife?!?
I refuse to let another kid
Be haunted by this place
The ghosts of my past
Will not even SEE their face!

There is a war going on
Can’t anyone see???
A battle between heart and mind
It is a war within me……


©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

Warning! Warning!
Emotions seen in the mirror
Are more often than not
          And more RutHleSs
Than they first appear!
Yes, you have been warned
What you see isn’t always what you get
Take a seat, buckle up, we’re  on the emotional roller coaster
Be careful now…. don’t get your cheeks wet!

To the left you see a young girl
Happy as can be
Ah…. but don’t let her smiles fool you
The cuts on her arms, scars on her heart… can’t anyone see..?!?
And to the right we have a young boy, folks
He’s the young athlete, all-around team player
But beneath that uniform, hidden by smiles
One will find unnecessary bruises under there

You see these invisible masks these children are wearing?!?
Not one race or economic status…. not smart or “dumb”
But all these children unknowingly unite together 
To cover up their pain…. to allow themselves to be NuMb
Unable to escape the source
Of their unsung tears
Unable to ask for help
Silenced, not by force, but out of fear

Oh, wait, a second folks…… 
A little more, we’re almost through 
For as we travel along Childhood Memory River
Oh I have a SuRpRiSe for YOU!
Take a look around,
What is it that you see?!?
Oh, why YES…. MiRrOrS!!
No longer can you deny the pain within you and me!
Take another look,
Stare deep into your eyes
What you find will surely
Take you by surprise!
Do you remember those masks t
Those children were wearing?!?
Remember that silent cry for help
That their little hearts were singing?!?
Why that was YOU
Many years ago
Forced to wear this mask
Your pain you weren’t allowed to show
But there is one thing
That we all neglected to do
We forgot to take off our masks
Their removal is long overdue
The time has now come, folks,
For us to ACCEPT our past
We survived the initial pain
Albeit reminders will surely last
No longer shall we be held prisoner
By demons from long ago
I invite you all to join me today
Honor your inner child and let GO!
S/he didn’t suffer in silence
For all those years
For you to live until your old
Just to still hide from the tears
So join me now
As our ride comes to an end
Let us take off our masks together
And watch your hearts begin to mend  
Please, folks, stay seated 
No pushing as you depart
One last thing before you go
Before you judge someone else….  remember they, TOO, have a heart!

Enjoy the rest of your days
But do not come back for your masks
In order to LIVE a full life
We must acknowledge that the past is the past…….

©Poe, 2013

{ugh….. I don’t know where this came from or what it’s all supposed to convey….. just a fun idea I kinda got stuck with!! Sorry if it is confusing…..~Poe♡}

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I sit here in solitude
Oh but I am not alone
For the curse of a poet
Has plagued me
Since I exited the womb
A poet’s curse
A curse I was bound by since the beginning
Such a curse states that a poet,
A writer,
Shall NEVER be left in solitude
Such a person can be the last being on this planet
But no…..
Never will they be alone
For their thoughts
Ah, yes, their thoughts
Shall forever keep them company
And the words,
The words that come more than a few
Why the poet shall be forever BlEsSeD
With an abundance of words
Never shall they suffer from a lack of
For when the day comes
(And it will for EVERY poet…)
In which they feel as though they have
The day when they feel as if
They’ve hit a poetic WaLl
This day is when the poet MUST
Put pen to paper and WrItE!!!
Because a poet never TRULY suffers from
Writers block
A poet,
A TRUE poet,
Just simply finds themselves
With too many WoRdS racing through their head
Ahhh, yes….. 
The poet’s curse…..
Since time began man has asked
*The poet’s curse……
Is it a hidden blessing…?!?
Or, rather….is it truly a curse?*
The answer to this ancient question
Lies somewhere deep inside of YOU
Within the innermost thoughts
And heart
Of a poet…..

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

If she could see herself
Through my eyes
I have a feeling
She’d be a bit surprised
Because a beautiful woman
Is what I see 
Beauty inside and out
Only a fool would disagree
If she could measure the love and appreciation
That for her my heart holds
She might be left in awe because she’d see
That to me, her friendship means the world
If she could see her heart
And the way it appears to me
Then she would be amazed
At the intense beauty that I see 
No longer would she doubt her beauty
Her strength or value as a friend
Because if she saw what I see
She’d see love and beauty that knows no end

Lady K, for your birthday,
I couldn’t get you a costly surprise
But if I could ask for one thing
It’d be that for one second, you could see YOU through my eyes…..

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

I ask God for His forgiveness
I ask Him to heal my heart
Each night before I go to bed
I pray each morning for a brand new start

God whispered something
Directly into my ear
“My child, you need not worry,
Dry up your falling tears.”
“Forgiveness was GUARANTEED to you
The day I hung from that cross….
And wasn’t it THEN that I PROMISED
That with ME you’d NEVER be lost….??”

I began weeping heavily
Because my pain goes to my core
Attached to me are memories
Of events that I wish not to remember anymore
I WISH it were easy
For me to just forgive & forget
Forgive those that hurt me….
And forget the images in my head!

“Father, I have a question,” I began
“The men that raped me when I was seven?”
“HOW do I go about forgiving them?
To be HONEST, I don’t want to see them in heaven… ”

“Oh, dear…. when you FORGIVE,
“You are NOT saying everything’s ‘ok’
“But rather you are freeing YOUR SOUL,
“Allowing you to see a new day…. ”
“When you forgive someone who’s hurt you,
“Someone who’s brought to your life solely rain,
“You are standing up proclaiming your STRENGTH
No longer controlled by the pain…”

“So basically,” I concluded,
“Even if I FORGIVE them… it’s  REALLY so I can be set free?!?
“So once I TRULY forgive them,
“My heart will beat solely for ME!!!”

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

Best friends
Are one of a kind
Forever friends
Are a RARE find
Some people are blessed
To find their soul mate in a lover
Others find their soul mate in a forever friend
Residing within the heart of another
Between two such friends
A special bond truly exists 
This bond, cannot be denied,
No matter HOW MUCH one may resist
Between these two souls
A pure and deep love is shared
Walls are broken down and destroyed
A high level of trust and oneness with another soul is being dared
A risk is taken
A leap of faith
Unknown territory is crossed
Both wonder if their hearts are safe
This intimate level of friendship
Has been accompanied by pain in the past
Fear of the unknown…. fear of getting hurt
Fear that this forever friend may not last
Yet through the pain and heartache
Through ALL the SMiLES and tears
The bond that brought these two together 
Gains strength throughout the years
Love, trust and friendship
Fuel the fire within their souls
The bond, the connection they share
Only grows deeper as they grow old
These friends have their arguments
They have their big and little fights
One will think the other is in the wrong
While they both insist THEY’RE right…

They could be in the midst of war with each other
But in darkness, friendships true beauty lies
One can bear witness to the fact that friendship triumphs ALL
And amidst the ashes their LOVE for each other will ALWAYS rise 

On this very day… “X” years ago
My FOREVER FRIEND was born to this Earth
The bond, the LOVE…. the connection shared between us
There is NO WAY to measure it’s worth…..
I am proud and honored
To be able to call ‘Lady K’ “friend”
Grateful that I can allow myself to TRUST again
BLESSED to have a friendship that knows no end…

*Lady K…you wonder why I love you so much…?!?
The simple answer: I see the TRUE contents of your heart & soul
Others don’t see you as I do
Because they’re afraid to tear down the walls that hide the emotions you withhold
K….today I make you a promise
A promise for you on your special day
And I promise to help you have THE BEST of BIRTHDAYS!!!  ツ


©Poe, 2013

*Written to honor my dear friend, Ms Lady K*, on her 51st birthday….. March 11, 2013, who is my FOREVER FRIEND!!!!  Love you, K….. I hope u have an AWESOME birthday!!!!  Remember…..you may be turning 51….. but that DOESN’T MEAN you can no longer have FuN!!!  Sooooo…. let’s party it up, babe!!!!    =}


© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

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