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I am a writer... a POET!! I use the pen name 'poet4life' but, to my fellow poets (and within poetic communities), I am simply, "Poe". I am a nameless, faceless poet and writer who has survived MUCH turmoil thus far in life...BUT... I HAVE SURVIVED!!! I have endured much pain...and I would be lying if I sat here and claimed that some of my past childhood wounds hadn't completely healed. I have learned to become grateful for the painful memories of my past because they have made me into the writer, poet, and young woman I am today. I began writing regularly at the age of thirteen and quickly I found poetry to become my "escape" from the trauma of the real world. I use my poetry as a personal outlet, to express my thoughts and ideas on particular subjects, as well as to advocate for the rights of others (specifically foster youth rights, fight against child abuse, etc.). I write not only to heal my inner wounds, but in hopes that one day my words may reach out and change a life for the better. I write to make a difference... At any rate, you can learn more about me through this here blog and if you stop by, feel free to read some of my poems!!!!! Thnx and hope you ENJOY!!!!!!

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