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ツ  Yep!!!!  I’m due July 14, 2013!!! 

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Why does it hurt
So deep inside my heart?
Why do I feel
As though I’m falling apart?
I KNOW we’re not “together”
(Although I do wish it to be…)
This ache, this pain you cause me
Can you even see?!?
What if I told you
That I cried last night?!?
Once again you said you’d be here
And again in anticipation, my heart took flight 
I don’t understand why it is
That I care for you so
Do you even care for me?!?
The answer to this I just don’t know
You’re brother and sister
Tell me that you care
That you’re scared of these feelings
So you act like they’re not there
But Mr. C, I must ask
What is it exactly you’re afraid of?!?
Are you worried I might end up like her…. your EX…?!?
Or are you simply afraid you might actually fall in LOVE…??
Mr. C, I’m asking that you
Just give me a chance
Let me show you how a woman treats a man 
Let me love you like you deserve, show you some pure romance
Mr. C, I can’t go on like this
I can’t keep denying my heart, can’t you see?!?
I know you’re afraid of getting hurt again
But I’m NOT HER… I’m ME!
I vow to NEVER hurt you
I promise to NEVER cause you pain
If you give me a chance, Mr. C
I assure you will NEVER stand in the rain
I understand the “complications”
You have three beautiful daughters almost grown
Isn’t it obvious that I care for them too??
Or is my concern and love going unknown…?!? 
Mr. C, I’m asking that you TRUST ME
Trust that these feelings I have for you are TRUE 
I would LOVE to be yours for the rest of time
Mr. C….. I would LOVE to forever belong to YOU!!!

©Poe, 2013

{PoeT’s Note: I truly wish I could tell Mr. C these things….show him these words…. but I’m deathly afraid it might ruin the FRIENDSHIP we currently have……  :-\  } 

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

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I want a love that is eternal and everlasting
A love that will outlive Father Time
A love that is RICH in inspiration 
A love that encourages my very rhymes
I yearn for a love
Like my grandparents had
Through sickness and health
Through the good times and bad
I am searching for a love
Where ‘forever’ isn’t just a WORD
And after you say “I DO”
There are no regrets afterward
I pray for a love that is real
A love that encourages me to feel secure
A love in which I KNOW
That NO MATTER WHAT we *will* endure
I desire a love that doesn’t lie
A love that continually grows
I pray for my heart to have wisdom
Shall I discover such a love, I pray I’ll know 
I am yearning for a love
That will see me through my pain 
A love that is unpredictable 
A love that’s both CrAzY and sane
I long for a love that is patient
During times when life gets  tough
A love that will forever feel
That MY LOVE is exactly ENOUGH
I dream of an unknown love
A love that doesn’t see DIVORCE as a solution
A love that is willing to go the extra mile
A love that exists out of pure devotion
I want a love that is eternal and everlasting
A love that will outlive Father Time
A love that is RICH in inspiration 
A love that encourages my very rhymes

I search and search for such a love
But I search to no avail
Now I sit here beginning to wonder 
Could such a perfect love even be REAL..?!?

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

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♡ Mr. C… ♡

Can you see the pain
That is in my heart?
Is it obvious to you
That I am falling apart?
When I am around you
My stomach fills with butterflies 
A smile crosses my face
You bring a sparkle to my eyes
You don’t want a girlfriend
That is what you say
I pray that soon you change your mind
When you ask to be mine… I anxiously await that day
I dream of the very moment
In which your lips meet mine
Oh that will be a moment
That I shall forever freeze in time
Everyone sees it
The chemistry between you and me
The deep and pure feelings I have for you
Why can’t you allow your heart to see?
You know I like you, I KNOW you like me
So why can’t you admit it?
I have one more question…
Mr. C… why can’t you take a chance and commit…??

{ALL works,.unless otherwise stated, are property/copyright of Poet4Life (aka Poe)…. Thank you.}

© Poe

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Sooo…… For those of u that DON’T know….. Back in 2008 I got married…… (to a BITCH!)….. anyways….. It was a pretty abusive relationship all around…. But my dumb ass thot I was in “LOVE”…. Ha!  Anyway, towards the end of 2010 when I “woke up” from my 6mo coma, one thing led to another & her sister beat me up & they ditched me @ my Mom’s house…..

At any rate…. Long story (kinda) short….. This WHOLE TIME I’ve STILL been married to the BITCH!  UGH!!

**BUT** I JUST got a fb msg (on my personal acct) from HER (aka BITCH) informing me that……

(drum roll, please….)



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I would like to break from my usual poetic posts/writes for a moment…. So bear with me…..

I’d like to take a second to say THANK YOU to a group of people in whom you will RARELY hear me thank (although, I must admit, I SHOULD thank them more often….).  I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL THOSE *GOOD* PARENTS out there!!!  At any rate, I have some BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING friends in my life….. Individuals who tackle parenting as SINGLE PARENTS AND as a PARENTAL UNIT (2+ parents….step & whatnot).  I also do plenty of reading throughout the blog world and tend to come across MANY AMAZING PARENTS there. 

I KNOW (despite the fact that I do not have kids of my own…)…. I know that more often than not it is EXTREMELY RARE for a parent to just hear THANK YOU…. a THANK YOU *JUST* because you are doing an AWESOME JOB at parenting….a THANK YOU for supporting your child(ren)…. A THANK YOU for simply BEING THERE….. Soooo….. *I* would like to thank you….. Thank you to those moms and dads out there who are doing THE BEST  YOU CAN and showing  your child(ren) all the LOVE, RESPECT, SUPPORT AND CARE that enables your child(ren) to grow up to be LOVING, POSITIVE, UNIQUE individuals in this hectic world.  I know you don’t hear it enough….and I know that there are times when you feel you are not good enough….. Times when you want to just give up and “throw in the towel”…… But please PLEASE know…..that LOVE….YOUR LOVE…is way more than ENOUGH!!!!!  Loving your child(ren) WHOLEHEARTEDLY and UNCONDITIONALLY….. Providing them with SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT…..RESPECTING them as the UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS they are…… THAT is ENOUGH!!!!  =} 

Before I sign this blog entry off…. I would like to say a special thank you to those people out there who might NOT be biological parents to some but are “stand in” or “acting” parents!!! Those foster parents, group home staff, adoptive parents,  family friends, relatives….. TO ANY AND ALL INDIVIDUALS who are helping to “pick up the slack” and pick up where the bio parents left off….. Who show the LOVE & SUPPORT of a parent although it’s not “your job”….. I’d like to say THANK YOU!!! 

Me, personally…. I have several people in my life who I am able to THANK for being my EXAMPLE of a LOVING, SUPPORTING PARENT!  From previous blog entries, you may remember the name AMELIA… Amelia came into my life when I was 13….. She was the FIRST  REAL EXAMPLE (except my dearest friend Maggie May) of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, RESPECT AND SUPPORT from a mother figure….. when Amelia passed away back in 2003…. I vowed that I would pass along her love wherever I go….. And I shall stick by that. Amelia, Maggie, and the handful of others that have shown me such unconditional love have enabled me to KNOW the TRUE LOVE a parent has for their child…..and I thank them for that….. Just as I thank all of you today who are reading this…. I thank you for LOVING, RESPECTING, CARING FOR, and  ENCOURAGING your child(ren)……

Please know you have my utmost respect and sincere appreciation for the work you do.  You inspire me…. So…thanks……  😀 

Much Love and Respect,


(ps ~ one final thing…… Please PLEASE never go another day feeling unappreciated……and never farewell as though you aren’t good enough…)

~ P ~

© Poet4Life aka “Poe”

*All writings seen on this blog are written by & property of: Poet4Life aka Poe — unless otherwise stated. Thank you.*

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Do you know how much it hurts me
When you look at her with MY smile?
Do you realize the pain I feel inside
When I haven’t seen you in awhile?
Do you mean to cause me pain
When you kiss HER and turn your nose up at me?
When you brush my hand away
And act like  I am nobody?
Do you see the tears I cry
From my broken heart?
Do you feel the truth
That seeps out from my art?
Do you sense my heartache
When I see her receiving MY hug?
Does my vey presence AT ALL
Upon your heart cause a TINY tug?
If hurting me was your plan
Why couldn’t you tell me from the gate?
Did you EVER plan to tell me
That I came for you a little too late?
Now this just might be
The hardest thing I’ve ever had to say
But you must understand that this is a price
I was never intending to pay
Listen up, buddy boy,
It’s time you start taking notes
Because my heart is NOT a play toy
And it cannot be hung up like a damn winter coat
It’s time for you to choose
Will it be ME or will it be HER
Because right now it’s MY HEART in HER hands
All because you are unsure
Do you truly know how much it hurts me
When I see you look at her with MY smile?
Please tell me–is it HER or is it ME? 
Because, to be honest, this game-playing is making me feel as small as a child…..

© Poe / Baby Bird

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