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Warning! Warning!
Emotions seen in the mirror
Are more often than not
          And more RutHleSs
Than they first appear!
Yes, you have been warned
What you see isn’t always what you get
Take a seat, buckle up, we’re  on the emotional roller coaster
Be careful now…. don’t get your cheeks wet!

To the left you see a young girl
Happy as can be
Ah…. but don’t let her smiles fool you
The cuts on her arms, scars on her heart… can’t anyone see..?!?
And to the right we have a young boy, folks
He’s the young athlete, all-around team player
But beneath that uniform, hidden by smiles
One will find unnecessary bruises under there

You see these invisible masks these children are wearing?!?
Not one race or economic status…. not smart or “dumb”
But all these children unknowingly unite together 
To cover up their pain…. to allow themselves to be NuMb
Unable to escape the source
Of their unsung tears
Unable to ask for help
Silenced, not by force, but out of fear

Oh, wait, a second folks…… 
A little more, we’re almost through 
For as we travel along Childhood Memory River
Oh I have a SuRpRiSe for YOU!
Take a look around,
What is it that you see?!?
Oh, why YES…. MiRrOrS!!
No longer can you deny the pain within you and me!
Take another look,
Stare deep into your eyes
What you find will surely
Take you by surprise!
Do you remember those masks t
Those children were wearing?!?
Remember that silent cry for help
That their little hearts were singing?!?
Why that was YOU
Many years ago
Forced to wear this mask
Your pain you weren’t allowed to show
But there is one thing
That we all neglected to do
We forgot to take off our masks
Their removal is long overdue
The time has now come, folks,
For us to ACCEPT our past
We survived the initial pain
Albeit reminders will surely last
No longer shall we be held prisoner
By demons from long ago
I invite you all to join me today
Honor your inner child and let GO!
S/he didn’t suffer in silence
For all those years
For you to live until your old
Just to still hide from the tears
So join me now
As our ride comes to an end
Let us take off our masks together
And watch your hearts begin to mend  
Please, folks, stay seated 
No pushing as you depart
One last thing before you go
Before you judge someone else….  remember they, TOO, have a heart!

Enjoy the rest of your days
But do not come back for your masks
In order to LIVE a full life
We must acknowledge that the past is the past…….

©Poe, 2013

{ugh….. I don’t know where this came from or what it’s all supposed to convey….. just a fun idea I kinda got stuck with!! Sorry if it is confusing…..~Poe♡}

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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♥ ♥ **NEW POEM** ♥ ♥
(PLEASE read and pass this on if you know someone who needs this….thnx!)

–>You Aren’t Alone…<–

I know that you and I have never met
Nor have we shared a single conversation over the phone
But my heart has something you NEED to hear
It is important for you to know that you are NOT suffering *alone*

There is about 2,500 miles separating you and me
But despite the miles please know that in the VERY SAME moment
Your world began falling apart
Here on the West Coast–and around the WORLD–eyes filled with tears,
Your pain was *SHARED*
I (with many others) got down on bended knee, prayers filled my heart
I *KNOW* I will NEVER know EXACTLY how you feel or the weight
Of your pain
But if you look hard enough
You will see me standing WITH YOU in the rain
There is no doubt that the road ahead will be difficult
You will have good days, bad days, you will laugh and cry
ALLOW YOURSELF to *FEEL* and *GRIEVE* but whatever you do…PLEASE…
Do not find yourself running in circles trying to find the answer to ‘WHY?!?’
If you spend your every minute trying to find the answer to this question
I guarantee you that you will drive yourself MaD
Because I *promise* you that *NO ONE* will EVER *truly* understand
The dark and evil secret thoughts of a MADMAN
Although I cannot tell you
WHY things happened this way
Please know that you do not suffer with this reality alone
And *know* that the one responsible for this pain will have HELL to pay

My words might not mean much at all
I know that my very words are few
I just PRAY that *one word*, *one stanza*
Might bring even the SLIGHTEST bit of comfort to you
I know for some of you, my words brought NO comfort or solace
(In reality…whether or not MY words make a difference
Will remain unknown…)
But I *PRAY* that if you only take ONE THING from this rhyme
I sincerely PRAY that when you set this down, that you remember

© Poe, 2012

E-mail: poet4life1@gmail.com
Blog : poet4life1.wordpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/poet4life1

**I send all my LOVE and my deepest, sincerest condolences within these words. I hope that if one of MY words is unable to provide SOME level of comfort……I pray that each survivor, each child, each parent….I pray that EVERY RESIDENT in NewTown, Connecticut are able to someday soon find SOME comfort…..SOMEWHERE…….**

♥ May the fallen victims Rest In Peace as they watch over their loved ones and may those left behind take comfort in knowing that although they are PHYSICALLY gone……THEY WILL LIVE ON IN YOUR HEARTS AND MEMORIES *FOREVER*……. (I’m NOT saying this to be “insensitive”…..I know…..easier said than done……sorry if you took the last statement in a negative way……)

*~* RESIDENTS OF NEWTOWN………. *please* know that the entire world weeps WITH you…..I just pray that amidst your grief and suffering…… that you NEVER feel that you must endure this pain *alone*……We cry WITH you…..we hurt WITH you……*here FOR you*…..*~*

—> Thank you for reading and please accept my sincere condolences,
♥ “Poet4Life” aKa “Poe” ♥

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Does God TRULY hear
The cries & prayers we send above?
If the answer’s, YES,
Is He ignoring my pleas for love
Where do my prayers go,
When i get down on bended knee
Do the “unanswered prayers” go on a shelf
For emergency uses only
If God answered all my prayers
Would it bring an and to my cries?
Or is God’s timing TRULY perfect
And is His silence simply a blessing in disguise
If God answered all my prayers
And all of my desires came true
Would I have more sunshine in my life
Or would MORE of my days be dreary & blue?

If God answered all the prayers
That I asked of him while I lay in bed
I know one thing’s for sure
I am sure that today I would be dead
I would never have experienced life
I would have never even become a
Oftentimes I prayed I was never born
I would’ve missed so many of life’s
       Little moments
If God answered all my prayers
I would have definitely never been
My innocence & purity would’ve been
       Kept whole
And today I’d be as good as new
If God answered all my prayers
If my “mom” or “dad” had shown me LOVE
Life no doubt would’ve been easier
But would an “easier” life still lead me to look above?
If God answered all my prayers
And I never went into foster care
I would’ve never met the few AMAZING souls
The ones in which their love they did share
If God would’ve answered my every request
And went ahead & answered all of my prayers
I wouldn’t know my inner strength
Of my RESILIENCE I would be completely unaware
I would NEVER have made the difference I have
My poems would’ve never impacted another’s life
If God had answered all my prayers
And I hadn’t endured so much strife

I am sincerely & eternally GRATEFUL
That God has paved this path I am walking
Because I  KNOW, without the pain
I wouldn’t be able to help those suffering
I used to curse God for the unanswered prayers
But now I KNOW if it weren’t for the  bumps along the way
I wouldn’t be the young woman with a heart of LOVE
That sits writing this poem today
There is one thing I know is true
And it is BECAUSE God didn’t answer every prayer
I am able to serve Him
By shining His light into corners of despair
Because only select prayers were
Strong– I can AND *will* be
For the children and others out there
Who hide their bruises & tears so others can’t see
Because of the years I spent HOPELESS
I can now offer reassurance that all will be
And  assure those around me
That tomorrow is indeed another day

God may not answer every prayer
But that is completely fine with me
Because I know His plans are far greater
Than what I ever intended to be
So I come to thank you, Father
For answering only those prayers you see fit
I know my life’s path has been rocky
But if you answered EVERY prayer, it would be harder, I admit

© Poe / Baby Bird

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**The following is written in honor and memory of Amelia L. Button, the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL soul I have EVER met. I know I will NEVER meet anyone that will change my life in the ways that she has. Amelia was born May 25, 1967 and became one of God’s chosen angels on October 15, 2003 after losing her battle with breast cancer. For as long as I have a breathe left in me, Amelia and the effect that she has had on my life will NEVER be forgotten!!! Although it’s been 9 years, Amelia continues to live on in the hearts of those of us who knew and loved her and it is through all of US in which Amelia is STILL CONTINUING to shine her LOVE down here on Earth!!!!!! Below is a letter I wrote to Amelia & finished yesterday!!**
~ Poe

Dear Amelia……

It’s ME…..your Baby Bird!!! God, I love you and I miss you so very much!!!!! You know, I can still picture you in my head, plopped right on top of my night stand and LAUGHING SOOO HARD at me…..the entire time I sat there, cussing you out!!! Hahaha!!! It made me curse even MORE that you were LAUGHING!!! I would ask you: “Why in the HELL are you LAUGHING?? What in the F**K is SO GO*DDAMN funny?” And I will NEVER forget your response….. “[Poe]….when you cuss….you look like a little girl trying to be ALL hard and tough!!!” HAHAHAHA!!!!! I SWEAR you thought it was the funniest thing in the world!!!!!

Amelia…. I can’t even begin to describe how very much I miss you and love you. I know you are looking down on me, and I know that there are some things and decisions in my life that I have done–and AM doing now–that you are disappointed about…. I don’t blame you, Amelia….. I am disappointed in myself as well…… I just PRAY that my mistakes DO NOT EVER make you love me ANY less!!!! I am trying to “fly right”, Amelia and I know that I have my issues……but I hope that I am making you SOMEWHAT proud of me!!!!! I love you, Amelia.

I just want to say THANK YOU, for showing me SIGNS and REMINDING ME that you are still watching over me! Some people call it coincidence…. but I *KNOW* it’s YOU!!!! Like the fact that I live LITERALLY RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from a street called AMELIA RD!!!!  Our how about that within the past MONTH I JUST MET a new friend….and HER NAME is Amelia!!!!!  =} Or how about when I moved to Wisconsin last year and my Grandpa was dying… I was out on the porch with my nieces and nephew when LO & BEHOLD…….. what do I see in the yard below us?!? A BEAUTIFUL bird…..and hopping soon after her……it was her BABY BIRD!!!! :’)  It was in THIS  moment, Amelia, that despite having JUST MOVED across country to Wisconsin WITH my grandfather dying out here in California during the same time that I realized that EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY…… THAT *I* WOULD BE OKAY!!!!! I know in my heart, Amelia, that these  “coincidences”  are not coincidences but are TRUE signs from YOU! From the very bottom of my heart…..I thank you for continuing to watch over me and for helping me STILL when my wings fail me.

Amelia…..there is a few other things I would like to thank you for….but I will try and make it quick!!! **(Hey, and guess WHAT?!? ‘Lady K’ believes in my poetry, too!!!!! Just like YOU did!!!!!)**
Also, I would like to thank you for my late friend, Scott Crane
(say “HI” to him for me, will ya??). Although I only knew Scott for a short time and only over the Internet…… he impacted my life in ways that ONLY YOU could!!! After he passed, I created a FB page in his honor & I cannot help but think that I am ALSO honoring YOU with the page as well, Amelia!!! =} I also thank you, Amelia, for the AMAZING opportunity that my poetry has given me!!! You were the FIRST PERSON to EVER believe in me!!! I can now say that BECAUSE OF MY POETRY, my name has been PUBLISHED in a White House document as a CONTRIBUTOR to a Bill………and Ihave met AMAZING people via my blog AND at Poet’s Corner!!!!! Thank you, Amelia!!!!!

Also, Amelia……real quick…… awhile back, I got curious……. I snuck on Dane’s FB page [sssshhhh don’t tell!! hehe]….and I just wanted to let you know…… Dane is looking good–as HANDSOME as always, hahaha, and OH MY GOD!!!!! EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amelia…….. she is SOOOO *BIG* and…..she has your EVERYTHING!!!!! She is an ADORABLE little Amelia!!!!! She is sooo pretty, Amelia!!!! God….. I remember changing her DIAPERS in your office!!!!! 😉 I can’t believe she’s ALL GROWN UP NOW!!!!! I heard that she is doing really well!!!!


Although I am not in contact with Dane or Emily, I *do* think of them often and send them (and of course YOU) all my LOVE and SMiLES!!!!!!! Anyway, Amelia………. It took me ‘X’ amount of DAYS and ‘X’ BOXES of tissues to write this……..but it’s done. I just PRAY, Amelia, that the poem AND letter  I wow for you shines even the SLIGHTEST OF LIGHTS on what an AMAZING person you were!!!!!!! You will ALWAYS be remembered and NEVER be forgotten!! For as LONG AS I’m ALIVE……I will NOT–NEVER EVER NEVER–allow your memory OR love to die!!!!!!! I love you Amelia and miss you……..with every single last fiber of my very being!!!!!

THANK YOU, Amelia, for my LIFE!!!

I love you ALWAYS & FOREVER,


**The NEXT POST will contain the pen I wrote for Amelia!!!   Xoxoxo **

© Poe / Baby Bird

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