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Best friends
Are one of a kind
Forever friends
Are a RARE find
Some people are blessed
To find their soul mate in a lover
Others find their soul mate in a forever friend
Residing within the heart of another
Between two such friends
A special bond truly exists 
This bond, cannot be denied,
No matter HOW MUCH one may resist
Between these two souls
A pure and deep love is shared
Walls are broken down and destroyed
A high level of trust and oneness with another soul is being dared
A risk is taken
A leap of faith
Unknown territory is crossed
Both wonder if their hearts are safe
This intimate level of friendship
Has been accompanied by pain in the past
Fear of the unknown…. fear of getting hurt
Fear that this forever friend may not last
Yet through the pain and heartache
Through ALL the SMiLES and tears
The bond that brought these two together 
Gains strength throughout the years
Love, trust and friendship
Fuel the fire within their souls
The bond, the connection they share
Only grows deeper as they grow old
These friends have their arguments
They have their big and little fights
One will think the other is in the wrong
While they both insist THEY’RE right…

They could be in the midst of war with each other
But in darkness, friendships true beauty lies
One can bear witness to the fact that friendship triumphs ALL
And amidst the ashes their LOVE for each other will ALWAYS rise 

On this very day… “X” years ago
My FOREVER FRIEND was born to this Earth
The bond, the LOVE…. the connection shared between us
There is NO WAY to measure it’s worth…..
I am proud and honored
To be able to call ‘Lady K’ “friend”
Grateful that I can allow myself to TRUST again
BLESSED to have a friendship that knows no end…

*Lady K…you wonder why I love you so much…?!?
The simple answer: I see the TRUE contents of your heart & soul
Others don’t see you as I do
Because they’re afraid to tear down the walls that hide the emotions you withhold
K….today I make you a promise
A promise for you on your special day
And I promise to help you have THE BEST of BIRTHDAYS!!!  ツ


©Poe, 2013

*Written to honor my dear friend, Ms Lady K*, on her 51st birthday….. March 11, 2013, who is my FOREVER FRIEND!!!!  Love you, K….. I hope u have an AWESOME birthday!!!!  Remember…..you may be turning 51….. but that DOESN’T MEAN you can no longer have FuN!!!  Sooooo…. let’s party it up, babe!!!!    =}


© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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I would like to break from my usual poetic posts/writes for a moment…. So bear with me…..

I’d like to take a second to say THANK YOU to a group of people in whom you will RARELY hear me thank (although, I must admit, I SHOULD thank them more often….).  I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL THOSE *GOOD* PARENTS out there!!!  At any rate, I have some BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING friends in my life….. Individuals who tackle parenting as SINGLE PARENTS AND as a PARENTAL UNIT (2+ parents….step & whatnot).  I also do plenty of reading throughout the blog world and tend to come across MANY AMAZING PARENTS there. 

I KNOW (despite the fact that I do not have kids of my own…)…. I know that more often than not it is EXTREMELY RARE for a parent to just hear THANK YOU…. a THANK YOU *JUST* because you are doing an AWESOME JOB at parenting….a THANK YOU for supporting your child(ren)…. A THANK YOU for simply BEING THERE….. Soooo….. *I* would like to thank you….. Thank you to those moms and dads out there who are doing THE BEST  YOU CAN and showing  your child(ren) all the LOVE, RESPECT, SUPPORT AND CARE that enables your child(ren) to grow up to be LOVING, POSITIVE, UNIQUE individuals in this hectic world.  I know you don’t hear it enough….and I know that there are times when you feel you are not good enough….. Times when you want to just give up and “throw in the towel”…… But please PLEASE know…..that LOVE….YOUR LOVE…is way more than ENOUGH!!!!!  Loving your child(ren) WHOLEHEARTEDLY and UNCONDITIONALLY….. Providing them with SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT…..RESPECTING them as the UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS they are…… THAT is ENOUGH!!!!  =} 

Before I sign this blog entry off…. I would like to say a special thank you to those people out there who might NOT be biological parents to some but are “stand in” or “acting” parents!!! Those foster parents, group home staff, adoptive parents,  family friends, relatives….. TO ANY AND ALL INDIVIDUALS who are helping to “pick up the slack” and pick up where the bio parents left off….. Who show the LOVE & SUPPORT of a parent although it’s not “your job”….. I’d like to say THANK YOU!!! 

Me, personally…. I have several people in my life who I am able to THANK for being my EXAMPLE of a LOVING, SUPPORTING PARENT!  From previous blog entries, you may remember the name AMELIA… Amelia came into my life when I was 13….. She was the FIRST  REAL EXAMPLE (except my dearest friend Maggie May) of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, RESPECT AND SUPPORT from a mother figure….. when Amelia passed away back in 2003…. I vowed that I would pass along her love wherever I go….. And I shall stick by that. Amelia, Maggie, and the handful of others that have shown me such unconditional love have enabled me to KNOW the TRUE LOVE a parent has for their child…..and I thank them for that….. Just as I thank all of you today who are reading this…. I thank you for LOVING, RESPECTING, CARING FOR, and  ENCOURAGING your child(ren)……

Please know you have my utmost respect and sincere appreciation for the work you do.  You inspire me…. So…thanks……  😀 

Much Love and Respect,


(ps ~ one final thing…… Please PLEASE never go another day feeling unappreciated……and never farewell as though you aren’t good enough…)

~ P ~

© Poet4Life aka “Poe”

*All writings seen on this blog are written by & property of: Poet4Life aka Poe — unless otherwise stated. Thank you.*

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Does God TRULY hear
The cries & prayers we send above?
If the answer’s, YES,
Is He ignoring my pleas for love
Where do my prayers go,
When i get down on bended knee
Do the “unanswered prayers” go on a shelf
For emergency uses only
If God answered all my prayers
Would it bring an and to my cries?
Or is God’s timing TRULY perfect
And is His silence simply a blessing in disguise
If God answered all my prayers
And all of my desires came true
Would I have more sunshine in my life
Or would MORE of my days be dreary & blue?

If God answered all the prayers
That I asked of him while I lay in bed
I know one thing’s for sure
I am sure that today I would be dead
I would never have experienced life
I would have never even become a
Oftentimes I prayed I was never born
I would’ve missed so many of life’s
       Little moments
If God answered all my prayers
I would have definitely never been
My innocence & purity would’ve been
       Kept whole
And today I’d be as good as new
If God answered all my prayers
If my “mom” or “dad” had shown me LOVE
Life no doubt would’ve been easier
But would an “easier” life still lead me to look above?
If God answered all my prayers
And I never went into foster care
I would’ve never met the few AMAZING souls
The ones in which their love they did share
If God would’ve answered my every request
And went ahead & answered all of my prayers
I wouldn’t know my inner strength
Of my RESILIENCE I would be completely unaware
I would NEVER have made the difference I have
My poems would’ve never impacted another’s life
If God had answered all my prayers
And I hadn’t endured so much strife

I am sincerely & eternally GRATEFUL
That God has paved this path I am walking
Because I  KNOW, without the pain
I wouldn’t be able to help those suffering
I used to curse God for the unanswered prayers
But now I KNOW if it weren’t for the  bumps along the way
I wouldn’t be the young woman with a heart of LOVE
That sits writing this poem today
There is one thing I know is true
And it is BECAUSE God didn’t answer every prayer
I am able to serve Him
By shining His light into corners of despair
Because only select prayers were
Strong– I can AND *will* be
For the children and others out there
Who hide their bruises & tears so others can’t see
Because of the years I spent HOPELESS
I can now offer reassurance that all will be
And  assure those around me
That tomorrow is indeed another day

God may not answer every prayer
But that is completely fine with me
Because I know His plans are far greater
Than what I ever intended to be
So I come to thank you, Father
For answering only those prayers you see fit
I know my life’s path has been rocky
But if you answered EVERY prayer, it would be harder, I admit

© Poe / Baby Bird

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