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Warning! Warning!
Emotions seen in the mirror
Are more often than not
          And more RutHleSs
Than they first appear!
Yes, you have been warned
What you see isn’t always what you get
Take a seat, buckle up, we’re  on the emotional roller coaster
Be careful now…. don’t get your cheeks wet!

To the left you see a young girl
Happy as can be
Ah…. but don’t let her smiles fool you
The cuts on her arms, scars on her heart… can’t anyone see..?!?
And to the right we have a young boy, folks
He’s the young athlete, all-around team player
But beneath that uniform, hidden by smiles
One will find unnecessary bruises under there

You see these invisible masks these children are wearing?!?
Not one race or economic status…. not smart or “dumb”
But all these children unknowingly unite together 
To cover up their pain…. to allow themselves to be NuMb
Unable to escape the source
Of their unsung tears
Unable to ask for help
Silenced, not by force, but out of fear

Oh, wait, a second folks…… 
A little more, we’re almost through 
For as we travel along Childhood Memory River
Oh I have a SuRpRiSe for YOU!
Take a look around,
What is it that you see?!?
Oh, why YES…. MiRrOrS!!
No longer can you deny the pain within you and me!
Take another look,
Stare deep into your eyes
What you find will surely
Take you by surprise!
Do you remember those masks t
Those children were wearing?!?
Remember that silent cry for help
That their little hearts were singing?!?
Why that was YOU
Many years ago
Forced to wear this mask
Your pain you weren’t allowed to show
But there is one thing
That we all neglected to do
We forgot to take off our masks
Their removal is long overdue
The time has now come, folks,
For us to ACCEPT our past
We survived the initial pain
Albeit reminders will surely last
No longer shall we be held prisoner
By demons from long ago
I invite you all to join me today
Honor your inner child and let GO!
S/he didn’t suffer in silence
For all those years
For you to live until your old
Just to still hide from the tears
So join me now
As our ride comes to an end
Let us take off our masks together
And watch your hearts begin to mend  
Please, folks, stay seated 
No pushing as you depart
One last thing before you go
Before you judge someone else….  remember they, TOO, have a heart!

Enjoy the rest of your days
But do not come back for your masks
In order to LIVE a full life
We must acknowledge that the past is the past…….

©Poe, 2013

{ugh….. I don’t know where this came from or what it’s all supposed to convey….. just a fun idea I kinda got stuck with!! Sorry if it is confusing…..~Poe♡}

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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