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I ask God for His forgiveness
I ask Him to heal my heart
Each night before I go to bed
I pray each morning for a brand new start

God whispered something
Directly into my ear
“My child, you need not worry,
Dry up your falling tears.”
“Forgiveness was GUARANTEED to you
The day I hung from that cross….
And wasn’t it THEN that I PROMISED
That with ME you’d NEVER be lost….??”

I began weeping heavily
Because my pain goes to my core
Attached to me are memories
Of events that I wish not to remember anymore
I WISH it were easy
For me to just forgive & forget
Forgive those that hurt me….
And forget the images in my head!

“Father, I have a question,” I began
“The men that raped me when I was seven?”
“HOW do I go about forgiving them?
To be HONEST, I don’t want to see them in heaven… ”

“Oh, dear…. when you FORGIVE,
“You are NOT saying everything’s ‘ok’
“But rather you are freeing YOUR SOUL,
“Allowing you to see a new day…. ”
“When you forgive someone who’s hurt you,
“Someone who’s brought to your life solely rain,
“You are standing up proclaiming your STRENGTH
No longer controlled by the pain…”

“So basically,” I concluded,
“Even if I FORGIVE them… it’s  REALLY so I can be set free?!?
“So once I TRULY forgive them,
“My heart will beat solely for ME!!!”

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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