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If she could see herself
Through my eyes
I have a feeling
She’d be a bit surprised
Because a beautiful woman
Is what I see 
Beauty inside and out
Only a fool would disagree
If she could measure the love and appreciation
That for her my heart holds
She might be left in awe because she’d see
That to me, her friendship means the world
If she could see her heart
And the way it appears to me
Then she would be amazed
At the intense beauty that I see 
No longer would she doubt her beauty
Her strength or value as a friend
Because if she saw what I see
She’d see love and beauty that knows no end

Lady K, for your birthday,
I couldn’t get you a costly surprise
But if I could ask for one thing
It’d be that for one second, you could see YOU through my eyes…..

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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Best friends
Are one of a kind
Forever friends
Are a RARE find
Some people are blessed
To find their soul mate in a lover
Others find their soul mate in a forever friend
Residing within the heart of another
Between two such friends
A special bond truly exists 
This bond, cannot be denied,
No matter HOW MUCH one may resist
Between these two souls
A pure and deep love is shared
Walls are broken down and destroyed
A high level of trust and oneness with another soul is being dared
A risk is taken
A leap of faith
Unknown territory is crossed
Both wonder if their hearts are safe
This intimate level of friendship
Has been accompanied by pain in the past
Fear of the unknown…. fear of getting hurt
Fear that this forever friend may not last
Yet through the pain and heartache
Through ALL the SMiLES and tears
The bond that brought these two together 
Gains strength throughout the years
Love, trust and friendship
Fuel the fire within their souls
The bond, the connection they share
Only grows deeper as they grow old
These friends have their arguments
They have their big and little fights
One will think the other is in the wrong
While they both insist THEY’RE right…

They could be in the midst of war with each other
But in darkness, friendships true beauty lies
One can bear witness to the fact that friendship triumphs ALL
And amidst the ashes their LOVE for each other will ALWAYS rise 

On this very day… “X” years ago
My FOREVER FRIEND was born to this Earth
The bond, the LOVE…. the connection shared between us
There is NO WAY to measure it’s worth…..
I am proud and honored
To be able to call ‘Lady K’ “friend”
Grateful that I can allow myself to TRUST again
BLESSED to have a friendship that knows no end…

*Lady K…you wonder why I love you so much…?!?
The simple answer: I see the TRUE contents of your heart & soul
Others don’t see you as I do
Because they’re afraid to tear down the walls that hide the emotions you withhold
K….today I make you a promise
A promise for you on your special day
And I promise to help you have THE BEST of BIRTHDAYS!!!  ツ


©Poe, 2013

*Written to honor my dear friend, Ms Lady K*, on her 51st birthday….. March 11, 2013, who is my FOREVER FRIEND!!!!  Love you, K….. I hope u have an AWESOME birthday!!!!  Remember…..you may be turning 51….. but that DOESN’T MEAN you can no longer have FuN!!!  Sooooo…. let’s party it up, babe!!!!    =}


© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)

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YEP!!!!  I FINALLY got my copy of the latest anthology in the mail!!!  

On pages 222-23, you will find my poem, “IN HONOR OF FRIENDSHIP”, which I wrote back in March 2012 to honor my dearest friend, Ms Lady K!!!  I am soooo grateful that I was invited to contribute to this anthology!!  It means a LOT to me to be able to pay PROPER tribute to and to be able to honor someone who has deeply impacted my life and to say THANK YOU to Lady K for believing in my writing….and in ME!!!!

When I bought MY copy of the book, I ALSO bought Ms Lady K a copy!!   =}   Well, K came by to pick it up last night and I REALLY got the feeling that she SINCERELY appreciated it!!  It felt so good to give K a copy of the book that her poem is in!!


{ALL works,.unless otherwise stated, are property/copyright of Poet4Life (aka Poe)…. Thank you.}

© Poe

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For A Friend…. <3

*Written for my dear friend, Lady K… Someone who’s friendship I miss so very much…… Hoping she reads this and knows it’s truth…

There is something I need you to know
Something I need you to see….
It’s how much your friendship
TRULY means to me
I do not have the right words
To express how I feel
There is NOT ONE way to say it
But I hope you know it’s real
When I say that I love you
When I tell you that I care
The words come from my heart….
They aren’t just words that are there
I wish you could see just how special you are
I WISH you could see YOU through my eyes
Because if you could, you’d see something special
Your value and beauty you might realize
I hope you know that these words I write
Are completely, 100% TRUE
I need you to know one last thing
Please know I sincerely miss YOU…..

© Poet4Life aka “Poe”

*All writings seen on this blog are written by & property of: Poet4Life aka Poe — unless otherwise stated. Thank you.*

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{Just a lil something I wrote for my friend, Ms. Lady K….. With love….}

I know you are FINE
At least that’s what you say
But I want you to know
That if you’re NOT….it’s okay
I’ll be here for you
Whenever you need a friend
I’m not going anywhere
I’ll be here for you until the end
Life is bound throw some hard balls
It’ll throw some curved ones, too
But when life seems to be too much
Please remember that I am here for you

© Poe, 2012

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