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Yes….. *ONE* person CAN make a difference!!!!!!  ❤ =}

PLEASE read!  NEW poem….. feel free to SHARE as well {but I retain ALL copyright!  😉  lol.  Thnx!}

One person to make a difference
Small, large, old or young
The number one seems so
In the large scheme of things
Spiders have 8 legs, birds have 2
But when a ship is lost at sea
The captain looks for direction near
And far
And do you know what guides this
Ship home?!?
*ONE* single distant star
A single step must start each journey
That we take in life
One candle can light up a room
When we are surrounded by darkness
And strife
One smile can start a friendship
One shoulder can dry fallen tears
One memory can bring someone hope
One word can alleviate all fears
One sun can heat up a planet
One moon can cool it down
The Earth spins on ONE axle
Every single action and thing helping
The world go ’round
Now you must admit, you cannot deny
By NOW the fact that you must see
That the power to make life better
Anxiously lies within the likes of you and me

I’m not saying you must save the world
But it IS up to us to help one another
For you can save a lost soul
Just by showing kindness to your fellow brother
Saving the world
Is an impossible task for one
But if we all join hands together
We can see change being done
You see, many years ago,
When I was a scared little girl
A woman named Amelia entered my life
Her love and care for me bettered my world
It took ONE WOMAN, *one* ANGEL
To open up my heart and soul
To show me that GOOD people still exist
To teach me to trust, to help me feel whole
We each have our own triumphs and hardships
That we must face on our journey in life
But don’t you think life would be more lovely
If we helped one another through times of joy AND strife
So I come before those reading this
For I have a task, a challenge in mind
I wonder if we can come together
And maybe have a chance at bettering mankind
You see, all you need to do
Is be nice and smile throughout your day
Be GENUINELY KIND to one another, open up your heart
Be a true friend in EVERY WHICH WAY
Are you up for the challenge?
Do you have what it takes?
Are you willing to be that ONE for someone?
Or your fellow neighbor will you forsake?
So I present you with this challenge

What you do with it is up to you
But *I* plan on making a difference
Personally, I hope you make this choice, too!
© Poe, 2012

Amelia…… out of reach but never far from me!!! ❤


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