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I sit here in solitude
Oh but I am not alone
For the curse of a poet
Has plagued me
Since I exited the womb
A poet’s curse
A curse I was bound by since the beginning
Such a curse states that a poet,
A writer,
Shall NEVER be left in solitude
Such a person can be the last being on this planet
But no…..
Never will they be alone
For their thoughts
Ah, yes, their thoughts
Shall forever keep them company
And the words,
The words that come more than a few
Why the poet shall be forever BlEsSeD
With an abundance of words
Never shall they suffer from a lack of
For when the day comes
(And it will for EVERY poet…)
In which they feel as though they have
The day when they feel as if
They’ve hit a poetic WaLl
This day is when the poet MUST
Put pen to paper and WrItE!!!
Because a poet never TRULY suffers from
Writers block
A poet,
A TRUE poet,
Just simply finds themselves
With too many WoRdS racing through their head
Ahhh, yes….. 
The poet’s curse…..
Since time began man has asked
*The poet’s curse……
Is it a hidden blessing…?!?
Or, rather….is it truly a curse?*
The answer to this ancient question
Lies somewhere deep inside of YOU
Within the innermost thoughts
And heart
Of a poet…..

©Poe, 2013

© Poet4Life/Poe
(unless otherwise noted)


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